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Diesel engine maintenance will offset the rising cost of fuel and ensure a longer life-cycle for your vehicle — your engine in particular. Diesel engines are excellent and reliable engines if regularly and properly maintained.
Maintenance Tips
  • Regular inspection of glow plugs is critical to the proper maintenance of a diesel engine. The ignition of this engine depends upon compressed heat, but it often fails to produce enough heat for the fuel to burn. As a result the glow plugs are used to heat up the cylinder before the cold engine gets started. These glow plugs require frequent inspection, especially during the winter season.
  • As they work under very severe and harsh conditions, the gaskets on a diesel engine call for regular monitoring. All the mounting bolts should be checked regularly to avoid leaks that can lead to other complications.
  • The oil filter should be selected carefully, as sulfur residue and carbon are created in the absence of completely burning the fuel. A good filter will exclude corrosive particles from the oil.
  • Always make sure the engine is supported completely before unscrewing any of the mounting bolts, plugs, or nuts.
  • To maintain proper engine performance and prevent accidents, make sure to give fluids sufficient time to cool before draining or checking them.
  • Take your time when doing maintenance on a diesel engine, and never work on an engine while it is running.
  • Due to its critical cooling system, an audible and visual warning system on the dash panel will alert you before the possibility of engine damage.
  • Every time you fill the diesel tank, add a bottle of diesel treatment. This will prevent the diesel from getting mixed with impurities.
  • Diesel engines require a complete maintenance check from time to time for a longer life. Regular oil changes, as well as changing the oil and air filters, are critical to proper engine performance.

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